How to Open Password-Protected ZIP File without Password

How to Open Password-Protected ZIP File without Password
How to Open Password-Protected ZIP File without Password Have you encountered such a situation where you were asked for passwords to extract a zip file downloaded from internet, or you forgot the passwords for your encrypted zip file? Then you are in the right place. Today we will fix the problem of Password Protected Zip File Open without Password.

Here is a guide on how to open password-protected zip file without knowing the password. Firstly, recover unknown password, then open password-protected zip file with the password.

Open Password Protected Zip File Without any Password

Lets start follow all the steps and your Zip File in Unlocked.

We Will use the Password Recovery Pro Sowtware in this tutorial First you need to Download the Software.

After Downloading Password Recovery Pro Software you need to Install your Computer or Laptop.

Open the Folder of Password Recovery Pro then Double Click on the Setup.

Double-Click-on-the -Setup
After Double clicking on Setup It will ask for Administrative Permission The Click on Yes.

After that The Software ask Language set up your Language and Click on OK.


Then You will click on the Next Button.


After that click on then I Agree then the Software ask the Location on Installing the Software. After Locating the Software Location Click on The Next. Then Again click on the the Next. And wait for the software installation.

After Installing Password Recovery Pro Open the Software. And Set the path of the Lock Zip File.


Then Click on the 'Type of Attack' after that Select the Dictionary.


Then Auotomatically Zip File Password Scan was Start. It Will Take some time then take a little patience.

When Password Finding prossece is done A Pop up Windows was Open Like That.


You can See this software find My Zip password in only 20 Seconds and show the password in the column of 
'Password for this file'.

When Password is not find the Password Recovery Pro then you can edit the Dictionary File of the Software

Now the problem has come Password Recovery Pro software did not find the passwords. Then you can edit the Dictionary file in the Directory of the Software. Now Follow All the Steps carefully.

You need to download some more password from the Internets. Go to the Google and type in the search box "10 million password list txt download".


Go to any website and copy all the passwords and Past in your Default Dictionary file. After Copy new Passwors Follow the Steps to Add new Password in Deafult Dictionary.

Open the This PC or My Computer then go to the C Drive means your Windows Directory. Then Double click on the Program Files (x86).


After that Double click on then ElcomSoft Folder.

After that Double Click on 'Advanced Archive Password Recovery' than Right Click on 'English.txt'.

Right click on english.txt

Then Click on the 'Open with Sublime Text' after open File in Sublime Software Follow the Step.

After thet click on Oepn With Sublime Text

Sroll Down to the Bottom and Paste the New Passwords in the Old Eglish.txt then Click on the File and then click on the Save or Press Ctrl + S tehn Click on Save.

You need to Extra Password Files Click Here To Download.


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